Così Com'è


Our experts carefully select only the best varieties of fruit and vegetables seeds, which will be germinated with care and attention in our nursery.
The high quality of seeds, the careful watering and the control of environmental parameters are the starting points to guarantee a perfect cultivation.


Finagricola farms follow the rules of the integrated pest control for their crops, which enables us to have products with low residue or even without phytopharmaceutical residues.
The use of tunnels allows to protect both our crops from adverse climate conditions and from harmful insects. This system minimizes also the use of phytopharmaceuticals.
Each crop is a very intensive labour since the cultivation activities (tying, trimming and thinning), including harvesting activities, are all done by hand. All this has a sole purpose, to harvest only fruits when are perfectly ripe.


The Finagricola laboratory is equipped with advanced technology and a highly professional team which constantly performs analysis and research activities, controlling all the crucial steps from when the seeds are sown in the nursery to their cultivation in the fields and factory processing.
Starting from the water and the land, controls continue with multi-residue heavy metal analysis as well as microbiological analysis and shelf life testing, both for fresh products and preserved products. Moreover, our laboratory has been certified by Accredia and QS.

Fresh product handling

The vegetable selection process continues carefully inside our warehouse by the use of optical food sorting machines, because only the best reaches our customers’ tables. We have different kinds of packaging machines: flow pack, plastic-film, tray covering, netting, etc…
The packaging process is essential for safe and rapid transportation to the distribution centers with various sizes and formats, for practical usage.

Vegetables Processing

Our preserving machines are among the most modern, we use advanced technologies to keep organoleptic properties unaltered: from the hot break treatment to disable enzymes to the homogenization of the tomato juice. Our peeling system has been especially designed for small fruits, to enjoy them intact and juicy.
Our pasteurization method adopt a low-temperature treatment, keeping unchanged the fragrance and the flavor of the fresh tomato, as just picked.