Così Com'è


The specialty tasting room is a place inside the company, thought to show in the simplest way: the passion, quality and professionalism from which arise all Così Com'è products. The specialty tasting room is the place where all senses are stimulated: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste of course.

The background

There will be arranged tasting events, addressed both to distributors and to domestic and foreign customers.
This room is equipped with a system of broadcasting live streaming, so to publish and record all Cosi Com'è video recipes.
The specialty tasting room is obviously the house of all chefs, food critics, and for sure of all lovers of good food,
for that reason there will be arranged events that will interest also other sectors, such as wine, oil, pasta and mozzarella di bufala campana and of all Italian food specialties.

The project

The project of the tasting room has been realized by a team of highly skilled designers:
Arch. Diego Granese ( Interior Designer;
Arch. Filippo Cannata ( lighting Designer;
Ing. Giuseppe Cimmino of the VBS, Audio & Video Designer;
Ing. Mario Savarese of Saitec Plant Designer.

The technology

The technology used in our Tasting Room is the most innovative,
both for the strictly technological aspects both for the eco-environmental technology which were already
considered during material selection. Each element has been chosen following both functional and esthetical criteria:
from the hood of Bora, innovative for drawing off cooking vapours effectively without an extractor hood, to the video and audio systems,
every detail is designed to stimulate all 5 senses of each visitor to the better perception of the excellence of Così Com'è products.