Così Com'è

The Tomato

Red Datterino, Yellow Datterino, and Pizzutello Tomatoes:
We have opted to produce only small tomatoes because they enhance the flavours in each dish

They’re versatile
From the professional chefs to the Food Lovers, Cosi Com’é tomatoes satisfy everyone’s taste.

They’re Italian

Ours are real Italian tomatoes.
They are sown and grown in our land “Piana del Sele”, at the gates of the “Cilento National Park”,
the cradle of the Mediterranean Diet.
Our tomatoes offer the highest quality in a natural way thanks to severe controls among the entire production chain:
from the seeds to the soil, up to the harvest and food processing.

They’re “Così Com’è”
The name of our tomatoes is not chosen at random: we offer a natural product,
GMO-free, without added sugar nor stabilizing agents.
Our tomatoes are harvested only by hand and preserved in glass jar through a delicate process,
keeping unchanged the original taste and smell of fresh tomatoes, just the way it is.

They’re quick
The "Così Com’è" tomato has a unique characteristic:
Its Brix degrees. The Brix Degree measures the sugar content:
The higher the value, the less time required for cooking
thus leaving the tomato’s properties and sweetness unaltered

They’re different
While traditional tomatoes have a Brix Degree of 4.5°,
the "Così Com’è" tomatoes have the following values:

it’s healthy
Traditional tomatoes are grown in open fields and suffer continual heat stress and threats from parasites. Instead, the "Così Com’è" tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse, safe from adverse climate conditions and harmful insects: this is why they don’t need to be treated continually thus preserving both flavour and food safety.

They’re protected
The care and attention during all the growth stages from sowing to harvesting,
preserve the quality and sweetness of the tomatoes